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UVA in Shanghai

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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (year)
Summer 2nd, 3rd

This program is cancelled in Summer 2022. 

The PRC's gleaming center of finance, business, and East-meets-West history provides a vibrant setting for UVA's program. UVA-Shanghai is unique in its interactive, communicative approach to class instruction (more free conversation and free response) that promotes spoken fluency in addition to developing other core language skills. UVA encourages students to engage with local spaces and people through task-based assignments that bring students to coffee shops, movie theaters, museums, and local sights.  Students conduct an independent research project on a topic of their choice with feedback and guidance from their one-on-one instructor, engaging in interviews with local people and culminating in a final speech and paper.  There is a weekly language table, office hours, extracurricular activities, and frequent excursions.  This smaller program (15-30 students) offers strong support and excellent classroom and dorm facilities.

Program Application Notes:

  • UVA-Shanghai accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for one letter of recommendation from a language instructor.
  • Study Abroad Approval Form: Please complete the student sections and email form as a PDF to We will complete and submit the form on your behalf.