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Choosing the Right Program for You

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Light Fellowship advisers are happy to support you in considering which programs might be a good fit for you as a learner and a person. While considering programs, we encourage you to consider the following elements: 

1. Learning Style

  • Thinking back on your time at Yale, in which classes did you learn the most? What classroom set up or teaching style keeps you engaged and motivated? 
  • Would you thrive in a language pledge environment? 

2. Living Arrangements 

  • How can your housing arrangement add to your language education experience? 
  • Would you benefit from living in program-organized housing or would you prefer to live off-campus and find your own housing? 
  • Who will you be living with and how will it add to your linguistic or cultural experience? 
  • Can your living arrangements accomodate your personal needs? 
  • Will you be able to commute to class from your housing choice? 

3. Extracurricular Activities 

  • At Yale, have you benefited from institution-sponsored or organized activities? 
  • Would you want your program to facilitiate extracurricular activities or would you prefer to seek extracurricular activities on your own?

4. Making friends in a new community 

  • Where do/have you make/made friends? Does this platform exist in the programs you are considering? 
  • Do you need a program that provides an opportunity to meet local students? 
  • If the program you choose does not have this built in, how might you go about making new friends in a new city or at a new institution? 
  • Do you have a hobby that you can pursue in your country of choice?

5. Identity Considerations

6. Health Considerations 

  • If you are currently being treated for a particular condition, consider how you might continue treatment abroad and what resources you may need access to. 
  • If you are currently taking prescription medication, consider how/if you'll need to obtain your prescription abroad. You should also ensure the medication is legal in the country to which you plan to travel and/or if there is an alternative. 
  • If you have severe allergies, consider how you will navigate this in your country of travel and how your program choice can support how you navigate this.

7. Accomodations 

Once you've considered these questions, explore the program pages and consider meeting with a Light Fellowship adviser