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At the end of each fellowship term (summer, fall, spring), Light Fellows are required to complete the program requirements listed below by the associated deadlines. Failure to meet any of these deadlines may result in your ineligibility for future Light Fellowships and will be noted on all future applications for fellowships, study abroad, or internships administered through the Center for International and Professional Experience. Deans and department heads will also be informed of any violations.

Post-Program Survey: This survey gathers valuable data regarding each of the Light-approved programs and their impact on our Light Fellows. It also collects general feedback on individual award budgets and the administering of the Light Fellowship.

Program Report: Light Fellows have a responsibility to give back to the greater Yale community of students studying East Asian languages by providing detailed information on their experience abroad at Light-approved programs. 

Submit Official Transcript: Light Fellows must make arrangements to send an official transcript to the Light Fellowship office at the conclusion of each term they are awarded a Light Fellowship.

Tip: Fellows returning from their programs abroad may be required to take a placement exam before taking further East Asian language courses. The results of this exam will NOT influence your standing with the Light Fellowship; however, as a general rule, each term abroad should equate to skipping a full year's worth of language study back at Yale. Please contact the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department or the Yale Center for Language Study for more information on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean placement tests.

Returning to Yale

Returning from overseas to Yale can be a jarring experience, so Light Fellowship staff are available to discuss issues related to Fellows' return. Examples of topics that returning Fellows may want to discuss include:

  • Reverse culture shock
  • Reintegrating into the Yale community
  • Particular issues with programs
  • Future opportunities for returning to East Asia or using language skills

It may feel like there aren't many opportunities to continue engaging with the language or culture you've been studying after returning, but in fact there are many opportunities to continue building on your Light Fellowship back at Yale. Check out these Ten Ways to Build on a Light Fellowship after Returning to Yale, compiled by former Light Fellow Rachel Wu ('19).