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Schedule an 15-min Quick Question Appointment or a 30-min Advising Appointment.

Students who have general questions about the Light Fellowship must attend a Light Fellowship Information Session prior to meeting with an adviser. 

One-on-one appointments with Light Fellowship advisers are available throughout the calendar year. Students may opt for a 15-min quick question appointment on Zoom or a 30 minutes appointment, available via Zoom and in-person. 

For questions surrounding choosing a Light Fellowship Approved Program, deciding how long to study abroad, planning for travel, exploring alternatives and/or brainstorming post-fellowship opportunities, schedule a 30 minute advising appointment. 

For general questions about applying for the Light Fellowship, transcripts, payment logistics, and timelines, schedule a 15-min quick question appointment with Julia Bakes.

Meet with Dr. Mya Fisher about Japan or South Korea. Meet with Kripa Bhagat about China, Taiwan, and/or South Korea OR for any credit questions for all programs. 

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E-mail the Light Fellowship office at for other questions and/or if you're unsure who to meet with.