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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (by Year)
Summer 2024 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 

This program is run through the Chinese Language Center at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Wenzao is a small campus dedicated to students who are interested in pursuing language study and area studies in Taiwan. Students attend roughly 15 hours of class per week for about 10 weeks. Class sizes do not exceed 10 students and are made up of students from a variety of nationalities. Students may also sign up for free tutoring from a local peer and have access to teacher supported office hours outside of the classroom. Students have the option to choose between simplified and traditional characters. The Chinese Language Center has supported students to find language budies or family friends nearby to supplement their immersive learning experience. Students have an opportunity to sign up for cultural classes outside of the classroom, as well as optional field trips and activities on a sign-up basis. 

Kaohsiung can be considered a smaller city and has two metro lines, a light-rail and a comprehensive bus system for students to transport themselves. Please note that this program does not offer on-campus housing for visiting international students. It is the student's responsibility to arrange their own housing. 

This program is great for students who are looking for a smaller city environment and/or an immersive environment. Students who are interested in learning the local language may find it easier in this city. 

Light Fellowship Application Notes: 

  • Wenzao Chinese Language Center is currently under "pilot" status for Summer Chinese language study, and only a limited number of Light Fellows will be permitted to attend in the program each year. If Wenzao CLC is your first-choice program, please make an appointment to speak with a Light Fellowship advisor. If you are awarded a Light Fellowship and admitted to Wenzao CLC, you must email the Light Fellowship office before confirming your place in the program.