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International Chinese Language Program

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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (year)
Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

This program has a long history. Now hosted and administered locally, it was once host of the IUP program. ICLP uses a communicative approach to teaching that encourages robust classroom discussions where students constantly practice articulating themselves, with less drilling and focus on pronunciation than other Chinese programs. Small classes (often just three students), focused content (supplementing textbooks with plenty of primary source materials), and a hands-off approach to student life. An excellent program for students interested in improving spoken fluency and with specific high-level language goals.

Minimal extracurricular activities and outings, since many students are graduate students or young professionals who prefer to dictate their own free time. Limited language pledge (in classroom building only). Students can choose to receive course materials in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, or a combination of both.  Taipei is a convenient, fresh alternative to Beijing. Taiwan has incredible geographic diversity across this small, accessible island.

Assignments and class preparation demands are quite high. Independent students with prior experience living abroad should consider this program, since much of your living arrangement and all of your free time will be in your own hands.

Program Application Notes

  • ICLP accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for one letter of recommendation from a language instructor. Follow the instructions for "Students of ICLP Partner Institutes". You need not send an additional request through the portal. The Light Fellowship office will send the language evaluation to the program as long as you indicated your intention to apply on your Light Fellowship application.
  • Although only summer and academic year programs are listed on their website, ICLP accepts applications for fall and spring term study on a rolling basis.  Contact ICLP directly for more information and application deadlines.
  • Students interested in studying abroad at ICLP for the summer should apply to ICLP's regular Summer Program, not the Flagship Summer Program.

Light Fellowship Application Notes:

  • ICLP is on a quarterly academic calendar, so Fellows applying for spring term funding should apply for the winter and spring quarters at ICLP; Fellows applying for Academic Year funding should apply for the fall, winter, and spring quarters at ICLP. Other arrangements may be possible, but you must meet with a Light Fellowship advisor.
  • This is a program that requires a high level of independence, most suitable to students who have had prior experience living abroad on your own and do not anticipate needing strong programmatic support or rich extracurricular offerings.
  • Students cannot earn credit for attending ICLP during the fall term. Students must enroll in both the winter and spring quarters to earn credit during the spring term.

Looking to speak to a returnee? Find former fellows who participated in the ICLP here

Note: ICLP lists Alternative Housing on this page. Students are encouraged to explore this.