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Middlebury School in China: Beijing

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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (year)
Fall, Spring, Academic Year 3rd, 4th, 5th

This program is not currently running due to COVID-19 related entry restrictions for travel to China. Spring 2023 TBD. 

The Middlebury School in China: Beijing, in cooperation with CET Academic Programs, offers this term-time intensive language program to students with at least 2 years of prior Chinese language study. This unique term-time option for students with an intermediate to advance level of Chinese language provides an opportunity to live with a local Chinese roommate, participate in weekly task-based excursions that include interviews with local people, and take content-based electives.  Each student will have a one-on-one tutorial focused on a research topic of the student's choice that culminates in a thesis. The program's small size (5-10 students per semester) allows it to be more tailored to each students' interests and needs.

Advanced students may, with the Director’s approval, audit a course at the host university, and/or pursue a credit-bearing internship. Students can participate in various extracurrciular offerings and Chinese language table.  As China’s capital and center for political, economic, and cultural life, the program in Beijing is designed for students with interests in political science, economics, and the arts.

Program Application Notes:

  • MiC Beijing accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for one letter of recommendation from a language instructor.
  • MiC's program in Beijing is the only program that is currently approved for Light funding.

Light Fellowship Application Notes:

  • MiC Beijing is currently under "pilot" status for term-time study for 3rd year Chinese language study and above, and only a limited number of Light Fellows will be permitted to attend in the program each year. If MiC Beijing is your first-choice program, please make an appointment to speak with a Light Fellowship advisor as soon as possible. If you are awarded a Light Fellowship and admitted to the MiC Beijing program, you must email the Light Fellowship office before confirming your place in the program.