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Yonsei University: Korean Language Institute

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The oldest Korean language program running, Yonsei provides an extremely rigorous and structured language learning environment. Classes are relatively small, capped at 13 students, and are typically comprised of detailed explanations of vocabulary and grammar patterns along with very challenging reading passages. Students also take part in several presentations/debates throughout the program and have a class trip per term. 

Students have full access to Yonsei's campus facilities and have a true student ID card. Most students find and rent their own off-campus housing.

Category Program Description
# of students in program ~ 2500 international students enrolled per quarter
Avg. class size 12 - 13, no more than 16
Dorm Available? Very limited spots in on-campus housing. Students must be extremely proactive. Students likely will need to find their own housing. 
Language buddy available?  Not facilitated by program.
Approved levels 2 - 7*
Approved terms Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer 

*Students will need to take placement test to determine levels. Abroad program levels do not necessarily correspond to Yale language level.

**Yonsei University is on a quarterly academic calendar that does not line up well with Yale's academic calendar. As a result, Light Fellows studying at Yonsei usually choose to do so for either the Summer or Academic Year.

Program Application Notes:

  • The evening program, advanced program, summer special program, and 3-week program not approved for Light funding.
  • Applications typically will not open until after Light Fellowship results are announced. It is your responsibility to check the application deadlines, but we recommend applying after you know your Light Fellowship results and only applying to the program you intend on attending. To our knowledge, Light Fellows have not had difficulty getting into their top choice programs in Korea.

Light Fellowship Application Notes:

  • Yonsei is on a quarterly academic calendar, so Fellows applying for Academic Year funding should apply for the fall, winter, and spring quarters at Yonsei. Fellows on a Leave of Absence applying for Fall or Spring Term funding should consider applying for the fall and winter or winter and spring quarters at Yonsei, respectively.
  • This is a program that requires a high level of independence, most suitable to students who have had prior experience living abroad on your own and do not anticipate needing strong programmatic support or rich extracurricular offerings. If you are a first-year student or sophomore at Yale College considering this program as your first choice, you must meet with a Light Fellowship advisor before confirming your place in this program. All Yale College students and graduating seniors considering this program for term-time or academic year study are strongly encouraged to meet a Light Fellowship advisor.

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