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Ewha Language Center, while hosted at a women's university, is a gender-inclusive program. Coursework focuses on all four skills and includes various activities to facilitate learning. Language coursework is supplemented with detailed extracurricular cultural activities, classes, and field trips. 

Category Program Description
# of students in program ~950 per quarter
Avg. class size 12 - 15 students per class 
Dorm Available? Housing is available on a first-come first-serve basis, spots are limited. Some students choose off-campus housing. 
Language buddy available? No
Approved Levels 2 - 7*
Approved Terms Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall**

*Students will need to take placement test to determine levels. Abroad program levels do not necessarily correspond to Yale language level.

**Ewha University is on a quarterly academic calendar that does not line up well with Yale's academic calendar. As a result, Light Fellows studying at Ewha usually choose to do so for either the Summer or Academic Year.

Program Application Notes:

  • Applications typically will not open until after Light Fellowship results are announced. It is your responsibility to check the application deadlines, but we recommend applying after you know your Light Fellowship results and only applying to the program you intend on attending. 
  • Students must enroll in the Intensive program. 

Light Fellowship Application Notes:

  • Ewha is on a quarterly academic calendar, so Fellows applying for Academic Year funding should apply for the fall, winter, and spring quarters at Ewha.

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