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Harvard Summer Academy in Taipei, Taiwan

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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (year)
Summer  2nd, 3rd, 4th

Demanding curriculum that focuses on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Five hours of class per day in various modes, weekly exams and daily materials outside of class. 

Intense coursework and structured program schedule leave little time for independent engagement with local community and informal conversation practice with people outside of the program. The program provides a connection to local instutition, NTU, and allows for engagement with teachers and students outside of the classroom. Students interested in improving spoken fluency, building relationships with local people, leaving the "Yale bubble", or exploring Taiwan independently should consider other programs that facilitate and allow more time for engagement with local people and culture.

Program Application Notes:

  • HTA accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation from the Light Office as part of your application. You should still list your current/most recent language instructor in the application form. The Light Fellowship office will send the language evaluation to the program as long as you indicated your intention to apply on your Light Fellowship application.
  • The deadline for this program is earlier than most programs, generally in mid-January.
  • Study Abroad Office Contact: Please list Kripa Bhagat, Assistant Director, Light Fellowship - 
  • The health insurance section of the HTA application does have to be completed in order to continue to later sections, so students should enter their current (school or personal) insurance information.