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Yale's Resources for Students Abroad

Light Fellows should visit the Yale Study Abroad website for relevant information on:

  • Emergencies
  • Global Travel Assistance
  • Your Health Abroad
  • Disability-Related Accommodations
  • Sexual Harassment & Assault
  • Country-Specific Resources
  • Fellows should ensure that their program administrators have their contact information.
  • Fellows who are blogging should be sure to blog at least two paragraphs and two photos each week.
  • Fellows are required to finish their programs in good academic standing, and grades are verified by the transcripts students provide

Keep your International SOS Global Travel Assistance Information Handy

You can find more information on International SOS Global Travel Assistance for Yale Students here. 

Make arrangements to get your transcript

This is one of the Light Fellowship reporting responsibilities, so you should order your transcript as early as possible. Although you have one month after your program ends to submit your grades, it takes time to arrange having your grades sent. Transcripts also serve as proof that you completed the program.

Keep your blog current!

Fellows who fall behind in their blogs (two paragraphs and two photos each week) will have to write a standard report at the end of their programs, so just stay current to make life easier on yourself and to make the best use of journaling.