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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you preparing an application or have you recently submitted one? Browse these frequently asked questions.

Could you give me advice about X, on the program application?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to give advice on program applications. We encourage you to contact the program's administrative staff. You may also want to contact the Light Fellowship Student Advisory Committee (SAC). Additionally, we can give the names of current or prior Light Fellows who can share their experiences.

How many language program applications should I complete?

We recommend that applicants apply to two for each term you are interested in studying abroad so that you have a backup in case your first choice falls through.

Am I allowed to change the length of my proposed time abroad if I am awarded the Light Fellowship?

Your application is evaluated taking timing and length of study into consideration. While proposals to shorten the length of study are sometimes approved, extensions are generally not due to funding limitations. If you need to modify the length of your study, please contact us as soon as possible to begin the petition process.

I am on the waitlist for the Light Fellowship, but I have been admitted by my program. What do I do? Does this affect my chances?

While we appreciate you keeping us informed, we do not take program acceptance into account when admitting students off of the waitlist.  Some students in the past have been able to receive extensions of program deadlines by letting the programs know they are on the waitlist for the Light Fellowship.

What do I do if my recommender has not submitted my letter of recommendation?

We ask all students to request letter(s) of recommendation at least three weeks in advance of the recommendation letter deadline.  We encourage all students to meet with your recommender in person to discuss your Light Fellowship proposal in advance and ensure that your recommender is able to complete and submit the letter by the deadline.  It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommender and ensure that your letter is submitted by the deadline.  If you have met with your recommender and regularly followed up, but your letter is not submitted by the deadline for reasons outside of your control, please let us know as soon as possible.

Do I have to take a language class for a letter grade to be eligible for the Light Fellowship?

Yes, if you are a Yale College student, you must take one year of language study for a letter grade at Yale or at an equivalent program by the time you embark on your studies abroad.  As a Light Fellow, you will be required to take your language courses abroad for a letter grade, so your performance in language class at Yale is an important way for application readers to guage your potential to succeed at an intensive language program abroad. 

Graduate and professional school students applying for the Light Fellowship can petition to formally audit the course. While it is acceptable for graduate and professional school students to audit language courses, please keep in mind that your language evaluation will be based on the same criteria as students who are fully enrolled in the course.

I am considering applying for a Light Fellowship in both the Early and Late Fall competitions, is there anything I should take into consideration?

If you are considering applying for a Light Fellowship in both competitions, please make an appointment with a Light Fellowship advisor to discuss the details and logistics of your applications.