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Light Fellowship Staff

John Park, Director of Richard U. Light Fellowship

As a former diplomat and Peace Corps Volunteer, John recognizes the importance of the mission of the Light Fellowship.  Acquiring foreign language skills while immersing oneself in a different culture is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain new insights and perspectives that will have a significant impact on one’s personal growth, studies, and career.  Being a speaker of all the Light Fellowship languages and having worked in East Asia for a decade, John is so excited to share his experiences and help facilitate these opportunities for interested students.

Timothy Liu, Assistant Director of Richard U. Light Fellowship

Tim has been a strong advocate of intensive language learning and intercultural education since experiencing firsthand their potential to give a new perspective on the world and promote meaningful relationships across borders. Tim was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and had the pleasure of attending Chinese elementary school as a college graduate. His 10-month grant turned into a four year journey that included graduate studies and working as resident director for various language programs in China. Upon returning to the states, Tim established the Chinese language program at an independent school in North Carolina and organized summer academic enrichment programs for high school students from around the world at Yale's Office of International Affairs before joining the Light Fellowship.

Julia Bakes, Administrative Assistant of Richard U. Light Fellowship

Having spent a significant portion of her early life traveling overseas, Julia identifies greatly with the core values of the Light Fellowship’s mission. She is extraordinarily pleased to be able to assist in facilitating such experiences for students with the Fellowships team.

Light Fellowship Executive Committee

Jing Tsu, Chair (Bio) - Professor, Chinese Literature & Comparative Literature
Chair, Council on East Asian Studies

Luke Bender - Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures; Director of Undergraduate Studies
East Asian Languages and Literatures

Seungja Choi - Senior Lector, Korean
East Asian Languages & Literatures

Jane Edwards - Senior Associate Dean
Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE)

Rongzhen Li - Senior Lector, Chinese
East Asian Languages & Literatures

Richard Sosa - Program Director
Council on East Asian Studies

Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl - Director
Center for Language Study

Rebekah Westphal - Director of Fellowship Programs
Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE)

Mika Yamaguchi - Senior Lector, Japanese
East Asian Languages & Literatures