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Returnee Coursework

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Tip: Upon return, Light Fellows continue their studies through advanced language classes and content coursework offered at Yale. Many of these help returnees think critically about their time abroad, and some lead to senior theses or dissertations on topics related to East Asia.

Below are some noteworthy examples of courses offered in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Course Yale Faculty
HIST 183 Asian American History 1800-Pres Professor Mary Lui
HIST 366 History of Cities in Modern Asia Professor Mark D Baker, Professor Peter Perdue
EALL 271 Japanese Cinema after 1960 Professor Aaron A Gerow
EAST 030 Tokyo Professor Fabian Drixler
Econ 338 The Next China Professor Stephen Roach
EALL 284 North Korea through Film Professor Dmitry E Mironenko
ANTH 397 Archeology of East Asia Professor Anne Underhill

Advanced language courses have recently included:

Course Yale Faculty
CHNS 167 Chinese Media and Society Professor William Zhou
CHNS 169 Chinese for Global Enterprises Professor Min Chen
JAPN 165 Academic and Professional Spoken Japanese Professor Koichi Hiroe

New courses are always being developed, so check the Yale BlueBook for upcoming courses.

And, let us know if you took a course during your time at Yale that was especially meaningful, in relation to your Light Fellowship experience. We'd love to pass on the course title to other Light Fellows!

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