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What impact can study abroad have on the rest of your time at Yale? Many Light Fellows return to Yale from overseas with research and senior thesis ideas focusing on East Asia. Below are some recent examples of how Light Fellows routinely turn their study abroad experiences into academic and career success stories.

Name (Class Year) Dissertation/Senior Essay Topic
Max GOLDBERG '17 Enclave of Ingenuity: The Plan and Promise of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court
Ryan HINTZMAN '17 Chinese Wines and Foreign Urns: Making Objects of Lyric
Claire WILLIAMSON '17 A Coffee-Scented Space: Historical, Cultural, and Social Impacts of the Japanese Kissaten
Frances CHAN '16 How Liberal Korean and Taiwanese Textbooks Portray their Countries’ “Economic Miracles”
John D'Amico '16 Dōtonbori and Merchant Power in Early Modern Ōsaka
Mikko SALOVAARA '15 Microcosms of Empire: Bishu shanzhuang, Yuanmingyuan and Kew Gardens in the 18th Century
Alexander DANCU '13 The Great Leap Forward and Perceptions of Hunger in the Modern Chinese Consciousness
Jason DOUGLASS '13 A Case Study of Mighty Atom: What Does Anime Look and Smell Like?
Joshua FULLER '13 Promoting the Burakumin Movement Abroad: The BLL's Strategic Utilization of English to Foster International Awareness of the Buraku Issue
Jason KUO '13 Cooperation and Paranoia: US Perceptions of Japan in the Early 20th Century
Nicholas LOMBARDO '13 Tea Time in China: An Analysis of Tea's Influence on the Decline of Sinocentrism during the Opium Era
Ethan RODRIGUEZ-TORRENT '13 Perceptions of the Police: Can and Should the United States Learn from China?
Brendan ROSS '13 The Language of Development: Land Grabs and China's Evolving Agrarian Program in Africa
Monica TUNG '13 The Changing Role of the State in Chinese Scientific Research Following Economic Liberalization
Jing CAO '10 Zhang Xiaogang (1958 - ): Cultural Revolutionary from Margin to Center