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Requirements for Returnees

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Completing Your Fellowship Requirements

  • At the end of each fellowship term (summer, fall, spring), fellows are required to submit the items listed below by the associated deadlines.
  • Failure to meet any of these deadlines will result in your becoming ineligible for a future Light Fellowship!
  • Failure to comply will be noted on all future applications for fellowships, study abroad, or internships administered through the Center for International and Professional Experience. Deans and department heads will also be informed of such violation.


The survey is due within two weeks of the end of the program(s). Fellows abroad for multiple terms will need to complete a survey after each term of study.

There are three major aspects to the survey:

  1. Feedback about the Light Fellowship "Approved" program you attended;
  2. Expenditure reporting (what was budgeted for your award vs. what you spent); and
  3. Feedback about the support you received from the Light Fellowship Staff.

"Approved" program status from the Light Fellowship is a pretty big deal: it means that Yale students can use Light Fellowship funding to attend these programs. Thus, your feedback about these programs is a big deal, too, and your surveys will be sent in confidence to the Light Fellowship staff, who may make the data available anonymously to select faculty who ultimately determine whether or not a program remains approved for future Light Fellows.

Expenditure reporting allows us to monitor whether or not we are budgeting properly each year. In this section, please be honest about how you used your money. We will NOT ask you to return any funds as long as you completed the program in good standing. If you make a clear case that we did not provide enough funds to cover your basic costs, we can take a closer look at your situation.

Feedback about the support you received from the Light Fellowship staff is important, too.  We are always striving to improve students' experiences through the application process, competition cycle, pre-departure, time abroad, and return to campus.


(Post your Report)

Students who do not maintain a blog must write a report after each term of study and post that report on the Center for International Experience online Bulletin Board. These reports are intended for future Light applicants and will not be read by the language programs. Photos can also greatly aid your peers who will read your report! Final reports are due within two weeks of the end of every Fellows' program(s) of study and must be at least 1,000 words.

Fellows whose term is either "Summer only", "Fall only", or "Spring only" will need to complete only one program evaluation report.

Fellows on multiple terms will need to complete a report for each term of study. For example, "Summer + Year" Fellows will need to post a report after their summer, fall, and spring terms for a total of three posts.

Note: How to Submit Reports

All reports should be submitted online to the Bulletin Board. Students must first register on the Bulletin Board in order to be able to post. Click on the appropriate program heading under the appropriate country. Next, click on "new topic" toward the right of the screen and follow the prompts.

All reports MUST have the following information in the heading:

  • Full name
  • Type of report (interim or final)
  • Program name 
  • Term and year abroad
  • e.g. Richard Light; Interim Report, SNU Fall 2017

We need to know the basics of your academic experience, but you only need to devote about 1-2 paragraphs on that topic. Please focus heavily on the unique, unexpected, and most interesting or challenging events during your period abroad.

Other topics to consider include:

  • Problems you came across
  • Your living situation
  • Roommates
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Strengths or weaknesses of the program
  • Reasons you chose the program and whether it met your expectations
  • Insights from your time abroad 
  • Advice for future Light Fellows


(Post your Blog)

Students may elect to maintain a blog during their time abroad in lieu of posting a Program Evaluation Report upon completing a program. Fellows who are blogging should post at least two paragraphs and try to post two photos each week. If you don't keep up your blog, you must post a Program Evaluation Report.

Be sure to post the link to your blog on the Bulletin Board before your program begins so that others can follow along and so that the Light Fellowship office has a record of your blog.  You will need to complete a quick registration with the Bulletin Board site, find your program, and create a New Topic.  In the subject line, please include your full name, program, term, and year (e.g. Richard Light; Blog: HBA Summer 2017).  Paste the link to your blog in the “Message”, highlight the link, and click the “Insert Hyperlink” icon and click “OK”.

If you experience difficulties setting up your blog, please contact us.


Light Fellows must submit their grades to the Light Fellowship office. We will accept an official transcript, unofficial grade report, or a copy of an official transcript via email (PDFs showing your name and grade(s), no screenshots). It is your responsibility to make sure that we receive your grades. The deadline to submit grades is one month after the completion of your language program. You must therefore make arrangements well before this deadline. If your program's schedule of issuing transcripts will not allow you to meet this deadline, please contact us as soon as possible.

For those who have applied for credit with Study Abroad, an official transcript must be sent directly from your program to: Study Abroad, Yale University, Center for International and Professional Experience, 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Fl, New Haven, CT 06510.  Once received by the Study Abroad office, this transcript will fulfill your transcript requirement for the Light Fellowship.

Your grades are our proof that you completed the program in good standing and therefore obviate the need for a tuition receipt. Moreover, your grades show if you took your responsibility as a Light Fellowship seriously. Poor grades will affect your chances of winning a future Light Fellowship.