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The Ongoing Coronavirus Situation

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Note: After Yale announced its plans for Fall 2020 on July 1st, a decision was made to suspend all in-person study abroad for Fall 2020.  This means that the Light Fellowship is unable to fund in-person study abroad in the fall.

In preparation for this possibility, we have been working with the Light Foundation to gain approval for funding online programs for the 20-21 academic year.  We hope to have a final decision on this matter soon and will be in touch with additional updates as they become available.

This page was last updated on July 7, 2020.

As per Yale staffing guidance, the Light Fellowship Office is currently working remotely.  Voicemails left on our office phones will be forwarded to us via email but it is most convenient to contact us via email until we return to our offices.

Summer FAQs

Are there any options to use Light funding this summer?

The Light Fellowship has been approved to fund a set number of Light-approved programs that are offering online programs during summer 2020! The approval for online study is limited for the summer only and will only cover program application fee, tuition, and textbook(s), if any. Living, travel, and other expenses will not be covered by the Light Fellowship this summer.

Which online programs are approved for Light Funding?

CET China: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture (CET-C) 
Inter-University Program (IUP) 
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) 

CET Japan: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture (CET-J) 
Inter-University Center (IUC) 
Princeton in Ishikawa (PII) 

All Languages:
Middlebury Language Schools (MLS) 

General Disclaimer: Programs are working their hardest to give students the option to continue their language studies this summer. Despite this, there is the possibility that some programs or language levels within programs may be cancelled due to low enrollment or other reasons outside of their control. Please understand that in the unlikely event that this does happen, any associated Light Fellowship would be cancelled.

Are online courses eligible for credit?

By special exception for summer 2020, Yale will allow students to earn up to two general graduation credits for online courses offered by accredited study abroad programs or universities located outside the United States provided that the course is not comparable to a course offered online through Yale Summer Session. The process to request Yale transfer credit for outside courses takes place after you have completed the course(s).

Are any Light-approved online programs approved for credit?

At Yale, the term ‘approved’ is reserved for when credit can be guaranteed prior to a program’s start date. Because the process for transferring credits for all online programs can only be initiated after all coursework has been completed, no programs are ‘approved for credit’ this summer. However, there is a basic list of requirements that programs must meet in order to be eligible for credit to be transferred back to Yale. 

The following programs are eligible for credit:

  • CET China: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture (CET-C)
  • Inter-University Program (IUP)
  • International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)
  • CET Japan: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture (CET-J)
  • Middlebury Language Schools

The following programs are NOT eligible for credit:

  • Inter-University Center (IUC)
  • Princeton in Ishikawa (PII)

What is the process for transferring credit for online programs back to Yale?

You will apply for credit after completing the course of study by submitting a Request to Add Coursework Completed Outside Yale. We do recommend you keep copies of all course syllabi and assignments, as these materials may be helpful in the process.

Can online programs fulfill the Foreign Language distribution requirement?

We are working with the relevant departments to answer this question and will share more information once it is available.

I am not interested in doing an online program, what are my options?

Unfortunately, there are no other options for summer fellows not interested in pursuing an online program this summer, and the Light Fellowship cannot be differed to a different term or year. Fellows who do not complete the Summer Online Study Confirmation Form by the deadline above will automatically decline their fellowship this summer. We are in communication with programs and still exploring the process with regard to application fee reimbursements but are currently prioritizing providing funding to students who are currently moving forward with their Light Fellowship studies. Please hang tight for the time being and we'll have more information for you in the coming weeks. 

If you were awarded a summer + fall or summer + academic year award, you can still receive funding for the remaining terms of your Light Fellowship even if you choose not to pursue an online program this summer.