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The Ongoing Coronavirus Situation

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Note: In accordance with the Yale University International Travel Policy for Yale College Students, the Light Fellowship is unable to fund in-person study abroad in the spring. We expect more information on summer 2021 to be announced in early February.

This page was last updated on January 8, 2021.

As per Yale staffing guidance, the Light Fellowship Office is currently working remotely.  Voicemails left on our office phones will be forwarded to us via email but it is most convenient to contact us via email until we return to our offices.

Summer 2021

Are there any updates on Light-approved programs for summer 2021?

The information below is accurate as of January 13.

Programs still considering in-person programming*:

Chinese: CET Beijing; IUP; ICLP; UVA

Japanese: CET Japan; IUC; KCJS; SANC

Korean: All

* Most programs are also preparing operate remotely if in-person programming is not possible

Programs that have confirmed that they will run virtually in summer 2021:

Chinese: CET Chinese;  DSIC; PIB

Japanese: PII

Korean: SNU; Ewha

Programs that will NOT run in summer 2021:

Chinese: CET Harbin; CET Kunming; HBA

Programs that are NOT eligible for Light Funding in summer 2021:

Japanese: HIF

Spring 2021

How will the Light Fellowship operate in spring 2021?

The Light Fellowship has been approved to fund a set number of Light-approved programs that are offering virtual programs during spring 2021. The approval for online study is currently limited to the 2020-2021 academic year and will only cover the program application fee, tuition, and textbook(s), if any. Living, travel, and other expenses will not be covered by the Light Fellowship this spring.

Can I enroll at Yale while completing my Light Fellowship program virtually?

No, the Light Fellowship does not allow fellows to pursue a Light Fellowship while simultaneously enrolling at Yale.

Which online programs are approved for Light Funding?


  • CET Virtual Chinese Program (must reach out to CET directly for details) 
  • Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies (only for fellows continuing from the fall) 
  • Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies 
  • International Chinese Language Program (Two 1:1 track only)


  • CET Virtual Japanese Program (must reach out to CET directly for details) 
  • Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (only for fellows continuing from the fall) 
  • Nanzan University: Center for Japanese Studies 


  • Seoul National University: Language Education Institute 

General Disclaimer: Programs are working their hardest to give students the option to continue their language studies this summer. Despite this, there is the possibility that some programs or language levels within programs may be cancelled due to low enrollment or other reasons outside of their control. Please understand that in the unlikely event that this does happen, any associated Light Fellowship would be cancelled.

Are any Light-approved online programs approved for credit?

It is not possible to receive a full term of credit (which is either 4 or 5 general graduation credits) for studying on a virtual program this spring. That being said, students are able to submit a Request to Add Coursework Completed Outside Yale after completing their online course(s), which could lead to up to two general graduation credits being transferred over. Whether or not this request is approved is at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs. We recommend you discuss your plans with your dean or a Light Fellowship advisor to make sure that there are no issues with your plans for credit. We do recommend you keep copies of all course syllabi and assignments, as these materials may be helpful in the process.

At Yale, the term ‘approved’ is reserved for when credit can be guaranteed prior to a program’s start date. Because the process for transferring credits for all online programs can only be initiated after all coursework has been completed, no programs are ‘approved for credit’ this spring.

I am not interested in doing an online program, what are my options?

Unfortunately, there are no other options for fellows not interested in attending a virtual program, and the Light Fellowship cannot be differed to a different term or year. If you are sure that you will not pursue virtual programming, please decline your award in Student Grants Database.