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Approved Terms Approved Language Levels (year)
Summer 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

CET-Kunming is a small program in a charming, slower-paced city.  In addition to the small group, drill, one-on-one classes, and full-time language pledge typical to intensive Chinese language programs, CET-Kunming offers many extracurricular classes, activities, and trips that create opportunities for students to engage with the surrounding city and people.

Chinese roommates provide rich social engagement and a welcoming locality make this the consummate off-the-beaten-path program. CET Kunming’s location is one of its greatest assets, since Yunnan is the province with the richest ethnic diversity in China, countless nearby sites of exquisite natural beauty, and summer temperatures that will please even the most heat-averse Light Fellows. The program’s location and curriculum could be particularly appealing to students interested in China's ethnic/cultural studies, eco-tourism, or environmental studies.  

Program Application Notes:

  • CET accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for the required Faculty Recommendation in their application. Students who indicate that they are applying to CET-Kunming on their Light Fellowship application do not need to send a recommendation request for their CET application.
  • Study Abroad Office Recommendation: Please send the electronic form request to