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Fudan University: Shanghai, China

Program Highlights

The PRC's gleaming center of finance, business, and East-meets-West history provides a vibrant setting for UVa's program. Teaching approach varies considerably from most summer Chinese programs, adopting an interactive, communicative approach to class instruction (more free conversation and free response). A mid-program travel week brings students on a quick tour of Beijing and the ancient capital of Xi'an. One-on-one class offered daily, as well as a language pledge.

A perfect setting for someone who has already spent time in Beijing. UVa does provide plenty of extracurricular activities, but few structured opportunities to connect with peer-aged Chinese students. A good program for a student who is proactive and adventurous enough to make those connections on their own.

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Language Levels

2nd and 3rd year Chinese

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Admission will be limited. Students interested in the program must contact the Light Fellowship office.

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The one-on-one afternoon classes are also extremely valuable. I can’t conceive of a better way to improve your language skills than having an hour or more each day to converse with a native speaker who is specifically focused and trained on correcting the inauthentic aspects of your speech. In these classes, I not only spoke for a long time and increased my fluency but also listened to my teachers and learned more about their perspectives on wealth disparity, careers, education and love. It was without a doubt the most rewarding aspect of my trip."

Thomas Chu
UVA in Shanghai
Summer, 2016