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Sun Academy Nihongo Center

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Sun Academy Nihongo Center: Tokyo, Japan

Program Highlights

Tokyo location offers endless opportunities to explore various cultural scenes. Small class sizes, average just four or five students. Curriculum and textbooks are selected through close consultation with Yale Japanese instructors. Small overall program size (only Yale Light Fellows, typically 15 or less total) makes the program intimate and personalized, without a big, insular “bubble” to break out of. Buddy program connects Sun Academy students with local university students for classes, activities, and other outings. Half-time homestay provides another element of social immersion.

A great program for students who will be proactive about using their free time well. Not a good fit for someone who would prefer regimented extracurricular events, or someone who would enjoy making connections with students from other US schools.

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Language Levels

2nd, 3rd, 4th year Japanese

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For those thinking about whether or not they should come to Sun Academy, the program is absolutely amazing. While the work is definitely not light, the teachers are great. They all care not only about your education, but also about your wellbeing, and they are always willing to help if you have a problem...We not only were able to visit an elementary school and a high school, but we were also able to attend a matsuri. We even met Okuda-producer, the producer of several Ghibli movies, which is still unbelievable."

Kevin Hu
Sun Academy Nihongo Center
Summer, 2016