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Sogang: Korean Language Education Center

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Sogang University: Seoul, South Korea

Program Highlights

This program is especially well-suited for those who want to hone their practical conversation skills in Korean. Unique among Korean language programs, Sogang employs a communicative approach to teaching, where students constantly practice articulating themselves and focus on methodically-designed tasks in small groups.

This is an excellent choice for most non-heritage learners who are not yet fluent. Probably a poor choice for someone who has advanced verbal skills and seeks to acquire higher literacy or specialize their language skills.

Sogang offers Light Fellows an additional service through a supplementary one-on-one tutorial with one of its professional instructors for 12 hours each term. The scheduling and focus of this tutorial (often as a weekly meeting) is determined according to Light Fellows’ individual needs and interests.

Peer Reviews

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Language Levels

2nd year through advanced

Terms Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Sogang is on a quarterly schedule. Summer: early-June to late-August; Fall: early-September to mid-November; Winter: early-December to late-February; Spring: early-March to late-May

Additional Information

A proposal that would require early departure from a program, necessitated by the beginning of the next term at Yale, requires consultation with a Light Fellowship staff member.

The Light Fellowship only supports enrollment in the "Regular" course, which runs for 10-week terms at 20 hrs per week.

All students find their own off-campus housing.

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Barely. A. Week. That’s how long I have left in Seoul...Three months seemed like an impossibly long time to be that far away from home. But I’ve made it and…dare I say…enjoyed it. Seriously. For all the things that Korea is not and America is, there are things America is not and Korea is, and I will seriously miss some things that I will be hopelessly unable to find back in the States."

Alyssa Patterson
Sogang: Korean Language Education Center
Summer, 2016