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Princeton in Beijing

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Beijing Normal University: Beijing, China

Program Highlights

Highly selective and academically rigorous. Intense focus on testing and fluency through accuracy. Stress on grammar, pronunciation, and syntax learning in a fast-paced, regimented classes and demanding assignments. Strict language pledge. One-on-one tutorials and other offerings allow for plentiful practice with PIB instructors. Offers group trips to sites in the Beijing area. Contact with faculty at meals and in campus life. Special lectures on aspects of China studies.

This would be an ideal program for a language learner who thrives in high pressure learning environment with constant feedback about their formal learning. Time is spent almost entirely with other PIB students and instructors; the schedule doesn’t allow much time to make one’s own connections with locals or explore the city.

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Language Levels

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year Chinese

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Additional Information

Princeton in Beijing is extremely competitive. Even very good students are routinely not admitted because of limited space. It is recommended that students apply to second and third choice programs or risk losing their Light Fellowship.

PIB accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for a letter of recommendation. This relieves instructors of the burden of writing a separate letter. Moreover, the program actually finds greater value in our form than in a standard letter.

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The combination of the language pledge, one-on-one conversation sessions with our teachers, and everyday bantering with my friends served as an affirmation that I really could make true connections with people through a language that was not my first. PIB helped me embrace and learn to be proud of the Chinese side of my dual identity. "

Ellen Kan
Princeton in Beijing
Summer, 2016