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Nanzan University: Center for Japanese Studies

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Nanzan University: Nagoya, Japan

Program Highlights

The largest program option for term-time study in Japan, Nanzan offers a beautiful, lush campus in a major city. Intensive language courses are complemented by several extracurricular offerings that range from academic to cultural interests. Housing in homestay or suite in international student dorm. Students attend this program from a wide range of national backgrounds.

A good choice for a student who has completed first year Japanese and plans to study in Japan for the fall or year. Plentiful support and resources for language learners to connect with Japanese students on campus.

Currently the Light Fellowship's only "campus-like" program in Japan.

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Language Levels

2nd year through advanced Japanese

Terms Offered

Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Additional Information

Nanzan’s deadline and notification timeline for admissions is quite different from most Japanese programs; please refer to their website for details.

NOTE: The deadline for applying for spring study is the end of August, so plan accordingly.

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