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Korea University: Korean Language Center

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Korea University: Seoul, South Korea

Program Highlights

Intensive language courses are supplemented by extra activities, offered exclusively to Light Fellows. A buddy program, additional classes on Korean media, and opportunities for self-directed study all add to the experience.

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Language Levels

2nd year through advanced Korean

Terms Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year

* Korea University is on a quarterly calendar. Summer: early-July to mid-September; Fall: early-October to mid-December; Winter: early-January to late-March; Spring: early-April to mid-June

Additional Information

A proposal that would require early departure from a program, necessitated by the beginning of the next term at Yale, requires consultation with a Light Fellowship staff member.

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By the time I began taking 연구반 in the spring, I had become committed to the “댄서 생활” (dancer’s lifestyle) that a small minority of Korean teens and twenty-somethings choose to follow, almost all of them with professional aspirations...Reflecting on the year, I am fully satisfied with how I spent my time and would encourage future Light Fellows to pursue something similar with an activity they enjoy. I entered the country knowing I wanted to explore a hobby, and fell deeply into a world within Seoul that few South Koreans themselves know or appreciate. "

Mr. Jacob Albert
Korea University: Korean Language Center
Academic Year, 2015-2016