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Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies

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Tsinghua (Qinghua) University: Beijing, China

Program Highlights

This program is run by a consortium of US schools, with the specific intent to provide advanced personalized instruction to graduate students (and occasional undergrads) who have specific research interests. Hosted at Tsinghua's campus, IUP students mingle with China's brightest. If you have already completed two years of Chinese, this program will transition you from intensive teacher-student dialogue to intensive student-student dialogue. Instructors guide and correct, but class is primarily driven by students. High teacher-student ratio. Offers tailored, elective courses.

Most IUP students live off campus in hand-me-down apartments from outgoing IUP students. If you have never dealt with a landlord, paid utilities, and done your own grocery shopping and cooking, these may be just as challenging as the language study. Not a good choice for underclassmen who haven't lived independently, or for students who want rich extracurricular programming (IUP offers little outside of classes).

Peer Reviews

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Language Levels

3rd year through high advanced Chinese

Terms Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Additional Information

No language evaluation form is needed. Language interviews are conducted for all applicants.

Light applicants may contact IUP Berkeley to set up their 15-minute language interviews at no cost (no non-refundable deposit, no application fee required) beginning November 27th and ending on December 13th. If they pass their courtesy language interviews and want to send in paper applications, IUP Berkeley should receive them by the first week in January for the summer program and by January 15 for the academic year/Fall semester deadline. The Spring semester program has its own deadline (September 15), and Light applicants may also take the courtesy language interview for Spring by December 13 if they'd like (if they prefer not to, they can follow the normal IUP application instructions for Spring on the IUP website).

Please note that passing the language interview does not mean automatic acceptance to IUP; the paper application is equally important. It is important that applicants write thoughtful Statements of Purpose. IUP is a mature language program (the average age is often 26), so it's expected that students express fairly clear career plans/steps in their statements. The more specific career plans they can express, the better. It is also important to express how IUP will help them achieve those career goals and what they plan to do with their language skills post-IUP. Also, IUP does not need any Chinese language evaluation forms sent to the IUP Berkeley office. IUP conducts its own language interviews as part of the IUP application process.

If a Light applicant contacts IUP Berkeley after December 13th, they will have to take the ordinary route like all other ordinary IUP applicants. This means the paper application and application fees are sent to IUP Berkeley first, then the language interview takes place if the paper application is approved.

By taking the Light courtesy academic year/semester/summer language interview in December, Light applicants have the advantage of knowing their language interview results before they go to the trouble of preparing a paper application and paying any application fees.

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Have you seen the movie Yes Man, with Jim Carrey? It is a great and hilarious movie. Essentially, the protagonist’s life is not going too well, but then he makes a pledge to say yes to everything, all the time, no matter what. He ends up having so many incredible experiences, and it changes his life. When abroad, especially in a place like China, I would advise you to have that kind of attitude. Just go with the flow. "

George Linderman
Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies
Summer, 2016