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Harvard-Beijing Academy

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Beijing Language and Culture University: Beijing, China

Program Highlights

Selective and competitive. High academic standards, demanding curriculum that focuses on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Strict language pledge. Daily one-on-one class and wide variety of sightseeing outings and cultural activities offered. Fifth week “Social Study” field trip component allows HBA students to explore a site in China in more depth, and apply language skills in a new environment. Heavy coursework demands.

A good choice for students who want to push their formal learning to its potential and engage Chinese society through planned group activities. Intense coursework and structured program schedule leave little time for independent engagement with local community and informal conversation practice with locals. A great fit for students with limited experience in China.

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Language Levels

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year Chinese

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Additional Information

The Harvard-Beijing Academy is extremely competitive. Even very good students are routinely not admitted because of limited space. It is recommended that students apply to second and third choice programs or risk losing their Light Fellowship.

HBA accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for a letter of recommendation. This relieves instructors of the burden of writing a separate letter. Moreover, the program actually finds greater value in our form than in a standard letter.

The health insurance section of the HBA application does have to be completed in order to continue to later sections, so students should enter their current (school or personal) insurance information. The Light Fellowship will provide fellows with jUHC Global insurance coverage for their time abroad; policy details to be distributed shortly before departure.

Students selecting social studies projects outside of Beijing will require personal funds for extra expenses.

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We are also coincidentally sitting next to a young man who shares my age and occupation – a nineteen-year-old college student, studying in Beijing and on leave for the summer...I quickly find just how much I’ve improved over the course of the summer – I’m able to carry on conversations with him about cultural differences between Americans and Chinese, about industry and economic practice in China, and about environmental protection and pollution, amongst other things. It’s a wonderful feeling, really flexing the gains from this summer with a complete stranger."

Derek Mubiru
Harvard-Beijing Academy
Summer, 2016