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University of International Business and Economics: Beijing, China

Program Highlights

A moderate-sized program with strong teaching and a long history in China. Full-time language pledge. Peer-aged language partners meet with students for daily, informal practice and often guide students around Beijing. Home stay option for students with at least two years of Chinese experience. Mid-term trip and many local excursions supplement the coursework at DSIC.

Duke is a good choice for a student who is a social language learner; one who gains more from opportunities to engage in unscripted conversation than from additional hours of textbook study. Not ideal for someone who isn’t proactive about using their free time productively, or one who thrives in a competitive environment.

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Language Levels

2nd, 3rd, 4th year Chinese

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Additional Information

When possible, Duke offers a special level for heritage learners.

The Light Fellowship Language Evaluation form substitutes for Duke's Language Instructor Recommendation. In addition, a non-language instructor recommendation is also required by Duke and is requested through the Duke application system.

Third Party Billing Form: Yale students attending Duke using a Light Fellowship should select to be billed directly on the billing form. If you are awarded a Light Fellowship, you will receive an award check in your name and you will pay Duke directly. Anyone in the Light Fellowship office can sign your form.

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I had to find this restaurant, by myself, in the rain...I caught a nasty cold that lasted for a whole week afterwards, but I was happy because that day was a milestone for me—it was the first time I traveled around Beijing alone. I started to feel independent navigating the public transpo, and that’s also when I completely shed my sense of shame approaching Chinese people and asking for help. I never expected to feel totally fine splashing up next to a fast food delivery moped guy taking shelter under the Tsinghua gate and screaming “WO MI LU LE!” (“I’M LOST!”) over the roar of the winds. "

Skyler Chin
Duke Study in China
Summer, 2016