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Osaka Gakuin University: Osaka, Japan

Program Highlights

Located in Japan’s third largest city, Osaka is known for its cuisine, good humor, and distinct local culture. Proximity to Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara also make for great weekend day trips. CET excels in selecting and managing helpful, peer-aged Japanese roommates, with whom you will share an apartment off campus. Roommates provide a personal view into Japanese society and a chance to exchange ideas with a local regularly outside of class. Curriculum and course materials are strongly informed by advice from Yale faculty. Term time study can include courses instructed by OGU faculty.

A good fit for a semester or year-long Light Fellow at the intermediate level. Particularly strong on social immersion, through its roommate system and plentiful co-curricular activities around Osaka.

CET-Osaka is a program for the Light Fellowship for undergraduates second year and above (third year and above for term time), recent graduates, and graduate students; CET Osaka is considered a pilot program for term time and admission will be limited. Students interested in term time programs must contact the Light Fellowship office.

Peer Reviews

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Language Levels

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year Japanese (only 3rd year and above for term time)

Terms Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Additional Information

CET-Osaka accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for one letter of recommendation. If you are applying for multiple semesters at CET Osaka, you are only required to complete one application. Please indicate within your application if you intend to apply for a second semester and in which program your second semester will be.

The summer program is fully approved, but CET Osaka is currently under "pilot" approval for term-time study. A limited number of Light Fellows will be allowed to enroll. Students interested in term time programs must contact the Light Fellowship office.

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Thank you so much to the Light Fellowship and everyone at Yale who made this possible. This was a really fantastic experience that I would not have been able to undertake without everyone's support... I learned a ton and gained the confidence to talk in a wide variety of situations."

Mr. John D'Amico
Spring, 2014