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Harbin Institute of Technology: Harbin, China

Program Highlights

This truly immersive program features instruction for intermediate to high advanced language levels and housing with a Chinese roommate. Full-time language pledge. The location in a third-tier city is an underappreciated asset with very few English speakers and fascinating local history. Specialized language learning through a self-designed one-on-one independent study is also unique to CET Harbin.

This program would be the best fit for someone who has already visited a larger city, and is eager to learn more about life in a typical Chinese city. Less western presence and entertainment means CET Harbin students tend to lead a more authentic Chinese lifestyle, well-guided by the carefully selected local roommates. This program might not be the best choice for someone who has never been to China.

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Language Levels

3rd, 4th, 5th year and beyond

Terms Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Additional Information

CET accepts the Light Fellowship Language Evaluation as a substitute for one letter of recommendation.

If you would like to apply to multiple CET Chinese programs, you are only required to submit one application. Please open an application to your first-choice program and indicate within the “Motivation & Goals” section of your application what your second and third choices are. CET staff will take note of this during the application process.

If you are applying for multiple semesters at the same CET program, you are only required to complete one application. Please indicate within your application if you intend to apply for a second semester and in which program your second semester will be.

Light Fellowship awardees who meet the applicable CET Chinese language level requirements are eligible to enroll in any Light approved CET Intensive Chinese Language program pending the successful completion of an application to CET indicating your program preferences. Regardless of which program you choose, you are required to complete an application through the CET website. The Light Fellowship has approved CET Beijing and CET Kunming for summer term study.  CET Harbin is approved for summer, fall, spring, or academic year study.

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Hilariously, when I saw the character for the word “gun” and didn’t know the meaning, my one-on-one teacher used the definition that every American household has one for me to discern the meaning without using English. Clearly, he doesn’t actually believe that each American family has one, but it provided more insight into how Americans are viewed abroad. "

Claire Thompson
Summer, 2016