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Tip: The Student Advisory Committee (SAC), which Light Fellows can join after returning to campus, supports the Light Fellowship Program and other Light Fellows by planning info sessions and events, sharing their experiences and advice, and forming a community for Light Fellows on campus.


The SAC meets regularly to support the Light Fellowship and build a richer sense of fellowship by:

  1. Educating and advising prospective applicants on the benefits of the Fellowship and language study abroad.
  2. Improving the experience of Light Fellows who are currently studying abroad.
  3. Creating valuable activities for the many Light Fellows who have returned to Yale to continue their studies.
  4. Building a bridge to Light Fellows who have graduated Yale and remain connected to East Asia.

2017-2018 SAC Members

President: Alyssa Patterson, '18 (Sogang)

Vice President: Kevin Salinas, '19 (HBA, ICLP)

Community and Alumni Chairs: Tyler Bleuel '19 (PIB), Gabriel Malek '20 (HBA),

Chinese Language Head: Stephen Tang, '18 (HBA)

Japanese Language Head: Martin Lim, '18 (PII, IUC)

Korean Language Head: Robbie Short, '19 (Sogang)

Chinese Language Representatives: Jessica Greenberg, '20 (PIB), David Li, '20 (CET HB), Jasmine Liu, '20 (CET KM)

Japanese Language Representatives: Franchette Brosoto, '20 (SANC), David Torres, '18 (HIF, CET OS)

Korean Language Representatives: Eunice Baik, '20 (SNU), Ebuka Imachukwu, '19 (SNU), Megan McQueen, '20 (SNU)

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Contact SAC

If you have an idea for a SAC activity, or are a Light Fellowship alumni who would like to become involved, please email us at: